thumbybhAt the age of 12 William Hood, aka Ya Boy Hood, began to embrace music. He listened to all different kinds of music but one that style that really caught his ear was the Houston Screwed-up freestyle. After watching his older brother and friends make this type of music he figure he could do the same. Freestyling was something that came very easy to him and many where surprised at how good he was at such a young age. The attention prompted him to continue his dream. At 13 Ya Boy Hood and his family moved from Naples to Sulphur Springs, TX. There he quickly found friends that also free-styled and they formed the group Platinum Playas. A couple years later they released a CD that was well receive throughout the school. As a result of the fame, the music that was a hobby now became his passion and he started writing down all his lyrics to improve his music. Over the years as he strived to get better. He notice that his friends were not as dedicated as him and the group eventually broke up. This didn’t stop him though. Older brother Thomas Hood, aka Big Hood, saw the talent in him and decided to assist the young artist by starting up Hood Boy Entertainment. When Ya Boy Hood was 19 he dropped his first solo Mixtape titled “The Main Attraction”. The CD was a big success spreading in various places throughout Sulphur Springs, TX. Now at 22, Ya Boy Hood has perfected his style to the point that he doesn’t even have to write his lyrics down, he stores them all in his head. Today he continues to make music with the first group out of Hood Boy Entertainment, The Hood Boys. He also is working on a new solo Mixtape. Ya Boy Hood is considered to be the top artist is Sulphur Springs, TX but he remains humble and focused on getting even better to achieve his overall goal of using his talent to reach listeners all over world.